Input data glossary

This page has a glossary of terms for the input data used in FOND, and related links such as what it is and how to upload it.



Poles represent locations where Cables can begin and end and can hold Closures to splice the cables or hold the Closures with splitters that serve drops.


Aerial Spans 


Aerial Spans are used to indicate to FOND which Poles have strand between them or can have cable hung between them. For FOND to work correctly with Poles, Aerial Span must also be uploaded along with it. The Poles need to overlay the Aerial Span precisely. If you don’t have Aerial Spans or are concerned that the poles won’t perfectly overlay the strand, you can contact to ask for assistance. 


Underground Path


Underground Path indicates where Cable can be run underground. Cables running along segments of Underground path get labeled as having an Underground placement and so the different installation costs can be expressed in the BOM.




These are the locations of your customers - without Addresses, FOND won’t know where to lay fiber. If you’d like to serve MDUs, check out Editing address data.


Central Offices 


This is the location(s) of where you’d like the building or cabinet with your OLTs to be placed. If you don’t have this information, you can let FOND choose for you, or just draw one on the map.

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