Using the Data Concierge service

Often, the data you upload is not quite ready to be run through FONDs optimization engines. Situations like this include:

  • No Aerial strand data for your Poles
  • Aerial strand data that is not snapped to poles
  • Underground path going down the middle of the road instead of just down one side
  • More than 5,000 Addresses in an area which leads to long design generation times

In those cases, you may request assistance from the Data Concierge team. This team uses a set of automated tools to carry out your request. Eventually, many of the tools they use will be brought into FOND so that FOND users can use them on their own, but for now, the Data Concierge team need to run them as we continue to improve the tools for use by non-expert users.

Requesting assistance is as simple as just sharing a project with (see this guide on sharing). Remember when sharing with the team to include a message that specifies what you need to be done (often it's enough to say you need strand cleaning or strand generation). 

We expect users of FOND to need assistance a few times a month from Data Concierge. If you need more frequent assistance than this, we may need to establish a separate agreement to give you extra access to this specialist team.