Administrator Permissions

Your FOND account administrator has control of the users in your account, insights to your subscription, and licenses.

If you have administrative access to your FOND account, you will enjoy a variety of visibility and permissions. As an administrator, you can easily view the list of users who have access to the account, including other administrators and license holders. This allows you to have a clear overview of who is part of your account and manage their permissions accordingly.


Licensed Users

Additionally, as an administrator, you have the ability to invite new users to join the account. This makes it convenient for you to expand your team and collaborate with others on projects within the account.

Invite Users to Account

You can also allocate licenses to those who need them for project creation or design execution. This ensures that everyone has the necessary tools and resources to contribute effectively.

Allocate License Apply

Furthermore, with your administrative privileges, you have the privilege of viewing detailed account information. This includes not only the current subscriptions but also past subscriptions, allowing you to keep track of the account's history.

Subcription History

You can easily identify which users have been assigned a license and how many licenses are available for allocation. This gives you a clear understanding of the resources at your disposal and helps in planning for future projects.


Account Details

If necessary, you can even update the account name with the appropriate permission. This flexibility allows you to adapt the account to changing circumstances or align it with your organization's naming conventions.

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Overall, the administrative access provides you with the necessary tools and control to effectively manage your FOND account and collaborate with others seamlessly.