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Guest Sharing & Workspaces

These features have been added to our software product with the aim of providing a more secure environment to Collaborate on your projects in FOND.

Guest sharing in FOND is a valuable feature that enables you to collaborate seamlessly with external parties on specific projects, while maintaining the highest level of security for your data. By utilizing guest sharing, you can create a more secure environment for collaboration within your projects.

Guests who are invited to collaborate on your projects are assigned limited access rights, ensuring that they cannot make any unauthorized changes or corrupt any of the data within your account. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your project's integrity is preserved.


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With the dedicated Workspaces feature, you and your team can efficiently complete your work in a centralized location. It provides a structured environment where you can focus on your tasks and collaborate effectively. Additionally, you have the convenience of seeing all the workspaces that you are a part of, even those that are not your own. This enables you to seamlessly toggle between the workspaces that are shared with you and the ones you have shared with others.

By leveraging guest sharing and Workspaces in FOND, you can collaborate securely and efficiently with external parties, while maintaining control over your projects and ensuring the integrity of your data.


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