FOND Data Restrictions

When uploading data, you must make sure that it meets the following restrictions. Over time, we'll remove some of the requirements; until then, our Support team is here to help. 

Data format

Currently, only Shapefile, KML and geojson are supported for upload. If you need another format, let us know.

Coordinate Reference System  

FOND requires all data have a Coordinate Reference System (CRS) specified, and that it is consistent with the projection of the data. FOND now accepts all common CRS but will convert all data to WGS84 (EPSG 4326). If you don't know what reference system your data is in, or need help making sure this is right, you can always email with any questions you have.

Two-dimensional coordinates 

FOND will only accept data with X and Y coordinates - no Z values for height.

Geometry type

Each Input data layer must be a certain type.

Layer: Geometry type

Addresses: These must be Point geometries.

Underground Path: These must be LineString geometries (no MultiLineString).

Poles: These must be Point geometries.

Aerial spans: These must be LineString geometries (no MultiLineString). 

Central Office: These must be Point geometries.