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How to export a design, BOM, or splice tables

This how-to guide will demonstrate how to export a design, BOM, or splice tables. 

Exporting, or downloading, a design and its artifacts will allow you to use it outside of FOND where you can edit the design in third-party tools, or create construction documents.

  1. Open a project with a completed design
  2. Click the Export item in the project menu then click on Create new export.
  3. Once the pop-up appears, tick all of the specific files that you want to export. 
  4. Choose whether you would like to separate the Hub, Splice, or Fiber cable layer by Tier.
    You may wish to do this if you intend to view the design in a program where it is difficult to distinguish between items in the Drop, Distribution, or Feeder Tiers from within a single layer.

    If for example, you chose to separate layers the Fiber cable layer by Tier, you would see the following output:

  5. Include an export name and your preferred file format prior to exporting. Please avoid using special characters (e.g., comma, dash) on the export name.
  6. Additionally,  you can tick the Splice table or Materials & Cost to include in your exports. 
  7. Click on Export.