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How to share a project or folder

Sharing allows you to collaborate with other people

Permissions can be granted to individual users (via an email address) or to groups.

Sharing with a group enables you to easily share with all users within an organisation (provided that they already have a FOND account).

Example of sharing with a group

Sharing a project or folder

  1. Open the sharing settings:
    1. Project Use the Share icon Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 13.49.48 on the left menu
  2. Begin entering the email address or group name that you want to share with. If you have shared with this user/group before, it will appear in a drop down list for you to select. Once entered, press Add.
  3. Set sharing permissions to Manager, Contributor, or Collaborator, or Viewer. See below for more details on permission levels.
  4. Add a message, if desired. FOND will send an email with the message and a link to the project or folder to the appointed address unless you opt not to.
  5. Press Save.

Permission levels

Available permissions for projects and folders are Manager, Contributor, or Collaborator, or Viewer.

  • Managers, Contributors, Collaborators, and Viewers can view shared content
  • Managers, Contributors, and Collaborators can share content that has been shared with them (but cannot grant permissions higher than their own)
  • Managers, Contributors, and Collaborators of a project can download content (project or attachment data)
  • Managers and Contributors can revoke permissions (but cannot do so to users with higher permissions than their own)
  • Managers and Contributors of a folder can create and copy projects within the folder
  • Managers and Contributors of a folder can create sub folders within the folder
  • Managers and Contributors of a folder or project can delete that folder or project
  • Managers of a project can move the project to another folder (but they must be a Manager or Contributor of the destination folder)

Sharing settings can also be updated to remove or Deny users.

Other details

  • Recipients need to have an appropriate subscription level in order for Manager, Contributor, and Collaborator permissions to be granted, but anyone can sign up for a free account and View shared content.
  • Projects and folders within a root folder will inherit the root folder permissions. However, permissions can be modified on each individual project and folder if needed.
  • User permissions will always override group permissions.