Moving around the map in FOND

A large part of the value of FOND is being able to view the design in its geospatial context, so here we'll go over some tips and tricks to find your way around the map effectively.

Finding your design

If you find you're on the map somewhere away from your input data or your network design, you can navigate back quickly using the  icon.



The simplest way to zoom is by using a scroll bar on a mouse or trackpad. This allows you to scroll and pan at the same time. 

Users can also zoom in or out by clicking on the  or  buttons in the lower right of the screen.


Just click on the map and drag your cursor to move around.

Switching to satellite/map mode

Sometimes you might prefer to look at the simpler street map, other times you need the satellite view. Use the selector on the bottom left of your screen to switch back and forth.


Inspecting data on the map

You can click on any features on the map (Input data or Network design elements) to view information about them. Check here for more detailed information about interpreting a design.