What are the system requirements for FOND?

FOND can run on the same type of computer setup you use to comfortably run Google Earth and a web browser at the same time, but there are some additional specifications that can optimise your experience.

FOND performs best when using the Google Chrome web browser. For optimal performance, ensure you're using the latest version of Chrome. 

While FOND generates all the designs on our cloud infrastructure, the display of the data in your browser can be graphically demanding as many of the maps use high resolution imagery. While we don't provide any specific hardware requirements like RAM (Random Access Memory), CPUs (Central Processing Units) etc, we like to say that if you can comfortably run Google Earth on your machine while running a web browser as well, you should be fine.

For customers with large, high resolution monitors, it's important to be mindful that using FOND on these monitors versus a smaller or lower resolution monitor may lead to slower performance when moving around the map or using the drawing and editing tools.

If you're finding that FOND isn't performing well on your machine, please let fondhelp@biarrinetworks.com know so that we can learn more about your problem and help you get the most out of FOND.