Account Insights

This article aims to define your FOND account insights as well as where to access that information.

The insights of your account allow you to visibly track the number of premises utilized as it relates to the total allotment of premises within your subscription tier.  

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To accurately locate premises in the system, FOND relies solely on geospatial coordinates specified by longitude and latitude. Each premise has a unique identification based on specific criteria. First, the longitude and latitude coordinates are distinct up to 5 decimal places. Second, the premises are designed within the same contracted year. Lastly, the premise is associated with the same account. Note that if you generate a design, and it fails (or a design isn't generated) for any particular reason, those premises will not be metered in our system. 

As a FOND customer, you have the flexibility to design the same premise multiple times. There are no limits on the number of times you can design the same premise across an unlimited number of projects within your subscription year. 

You have access to these insights regarding your premise usage within your account if you are an account administrator. If you do not know whether you have administrator access, please review our Are you the account administrator article.

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The insights you have access to include the following:

- Percentage of premises utilized

- Premises used

- Total allotment of premises

- Subscription period

- Tracking for the date of premises generated 

If you have questions as it relates to your account insights, please contact your FOND support team or reach out to