Can't log in

There are several reasons that users may be unable to log into FOND. In this guide, we'll describe two common issues and their fixes.

 Note: If you still can’t log in after reading this guide, please contact

When users can't log in, they'll often see this page.


Weak or intermittent internet connection

Sometimes if the internet service is poor, the request to log in doesn't make it to the server, or the response doesn't make it back. In this case, we see the above message.

Often the solution is to just try again and hit refresh. However, if other websites are not encountering the same problem, there's probably something else going on. See below for further help.



In organizations with strong firewall settings, some users have experienced the above error as a result of our login requests being blocked. Contact your system administrator to see if you can get around this, as well as to let us know that you're having trouble. Although we might not be able to help with the firewall, it helps us to learn more about how often this issue comes up for our users.