What is a legacy project?

A legacy project is one which was created with an older version of FOND and will be (or has been) converted to read only mode

Legacy projects are tagged in your projects list with a "Legacy" icon.

Projects created prior to November 2020 are classified as a legacy project, and they were converted to read-only mode on June 30, 2021.

The key difference between 'legacy' and 'new' projects is the improved behavior for fiber allocation of address points (which is relevant if your designs have MDUs in them). For more information, please read:

What does read-only mean?

  • The architecture, BOM, input data, and design cannot be modified
  • The design, BOM, and splice tables can be downloaded
  • You can make a copy of the legacy project in order to convert it to a new project, and continue work on the design

How do I continue with my design?

  1. Create a copy of the project
  2. Review addresses with a high fiber count and determine whether you need to change the fiber allocation (e.g. you may wish to use unsplit fibers to large MDUs)
  3. Regenerate the design*
*Copying the project does not copy the design, only the architecture and input data. Therefore, it is necessary to regenerate the design in your new project.