Long design time

Sometimes FOND takes longer than the usual 10 or so minutes. This usually has to do with the number of address points, amount of area covered, and/or number of possible connections.

While FOND can turn around designs for 3,000 homes in less than 10 minutes, it is not uncommon for designs to take up to and over an hour to generate. The time taken to generate a design will increase depending on the number of address points, the amount of area covered and the number of possible connections. While it is expected that some designs may take a long time, there are some things you can do to prevent designs taking so long to run.

Common reasons for your design taking a long time to generate are:

  • Too many address points within the selected area. We recommend no more than 5,000 address points per project.
  • Data that is too complex or detailed. The more connections on a map the more options the solving algorithm can take, and therefore it will take a lot longer to generate.

Possible solutions:

  • Data carving (‘Data carving’ involves splitting the project into smaller, more manageable chunks). Read this article on data carving to get more information.
  • Remove unnecessary connections between points, especially underground connections. See these articles on editing underground data and aerial data.

If your project doesn't have a large number of addresses or connections but is still taking longer than 2 hours to finish, contact support by emailing fondhelp@biarrinetworks.com and give them the URL of the project that is having issues.