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How to configure an architecture

This article explains how to create a set of rules for FOND to follow when designing your network. The rules define things like the size of cables and equipment, and the overall topology of your network.

To configure an architecture, open the architecture selection panel by clicking Select architecture from the Architecture drop-down on the left-hand side of any FOND project:

In the Architecture panel, you can:

  1. Create a new architecture, or
  2. Select an existing architecture and apply it to the project

Creating a new architecture

To create a new architecture, either

  1. Click the plus button Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 10.14.59, or
  2. Click the Create architecture button

Creating a new architecture is a three or four-step workflow, depending on the type of architecture you're creating. Click through to the following articles for more details on each step:

Once completed, you can apply the new architecture to the project by first clicking the Save button, and then Apply to project. Saving the architecture first allows to to reuse it in other projects later.

Selecting an existing architecture

Rather than creating a new architecture, you can select one of the architectures from the Available architectures list, and apply it by clicking  Apply to project

To help you get started, you will see three example architectures when you first log in.

After an architecture is applied to a project, any change made to that Project architecture will not propagate back to the original architecture, and neither will it affect other projects or users.

If you share your project with someone and give them edit rights, they can change the Project architecture in that project, but that will not affect any other architectures or projects.

Copying and deleting architectures

You Delete and Copy architectures by making use of the buttons below the Available architectures list. Simply select the architecture that you're interested in, and then choose to delete or copy.
Copying architectures is useful if you have made a change to the architecture in a specific project and then want to make that architecture available to other projects as well. It's also useful if you are experimenting with multiple architectures with similar settings. Maintain your architectures list by deleting those that have become obsolete.

Can I do some experimenting with configurations? 

Yes! We encourage you to experiment with architectures by tweaking parameters and observing their effects in small areas. Our own design services team maintains a set of test areas for testing, and so you might want to create a set of your own so that you can test and compare new architectures as you or your customers come up with different ideas.
If you find that you can't quite configure an architecture with the options available, please reach out to fondhelp@biarrinetworks.com. We'll either be able to give you some tips on how to model your network with the panel, or take your feedback and incorporate it into future releases.